Aftertouch • 3D MIDI Controller

Privacy Policy

The Aftertouch app uses third-party software from Crashlytics and to collect anonymized crash reports and analytics data about how Aftertouch is used. You may opt out of this data collection at any time by turning off the toggle labeled “Send Analytics Data” in the Settings menu of the app.

All of the data collected is completely anonymized, and is only used to make Aftertouch a better app. We will never, under any circumstances, sell the data we collect, and we won’t share it with any other third parties unless it’s required by law.

You can read about how Crashlytics and handle your data in their respective privacy policies, here and here. As described in Section 8.4 of the Answers privacy policy, we have disabled the “Answers Enhanced Feature Set” to prevent Answers from sharing the data that Aftertouch collects with Twitter, and we have disabled IP Address Tracking.